Derek Cecil Baxter first acquired Ruskington Service Station as licensee for Shell UK on 1st August 1971. Accompanied by Peter Baxter and Raymond Tomlinson. The premises consisted of 3 fuel pumps, small petrol kiosk, 2 workshop repair bays. James Baxter joined the company 2 years later.

In 1979 the partnership was dissolved and the limited company of D.C. Baxter (motors) Ltd was formed. At the same time the premises were purchased from Shell UK and closed as a petrol station. The workshop was retained and another premises were purchased on Lincoln Road, Digby and named The Mount Garage.

On February 12th 1983, Derek Baxter died suddenly at the age of 60. His wife Kathleen Mary Baxter was left Derek’s shares and she was made company secretary. In 1987 new workshops were built and the garage at Digby was closed to concentrate our business activities. In 1988 Ruskington reopened for petrol retailing assisted by Rix Petroleum. In 1996 Kathleen Mary Baxter died and a short time after so did Ray Tomlinson. Peter and James were the owners of the company.

In 1996 Christopher Peter Baxter left school and joined the company as a motor mechanic. In 2007 Paul Robert Baxter left Morrisons and they were made directors with Peter taking the role of Managing Director and Company Secretary – James resigned as director but still remains as service manager within the company.

We obtained planning permission for a convenience store and extended the workshop. In June 2010 the convenience store opened supported by the Symbol Group Spar. The premises are still owned by Peter, Chris and Paul who are directors and shareholders of D.C Baxter (Motors) Ltd. On the 1st August 2011 the Baxter family celebrate 40 years of business in Ruskington.

  • Shop & Petrol
    Mon - Weds 6am - 9.30pm
    Thurs - Fri 6am - 10.30pm
    Saturday 7am - 9pm
    Sunday 7am - 8pm

    Garage Workshop
    Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm
    Saturday 8am - 12.30pm
    Sunday closed